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 Getting Lift From The Principles of Scannable Text
Your Success Is Dependent On Visitors Reading Your Copy
Trying to find the right content
Your site's success is directly proportional to the number of visitors who read your content. However, visitors don't read web pages, they scan them. In fact, "eye-tracking" studies prove visitors don't evey SEE most of what is on web pages.

Present your visitors with a large block of narrative formatted text and that is all they see - no meaning, no content, just a big block of text.

Visitors Don't Read Text, They Scan It

The Principles of Scannable Text Compared to Narrative Format Upon arrival on a web page, visitors go directly to the content area. They don't read the page, they scan it, looking for keywords or target phrases that are relevant to the task at hand or goal in mind and/or assures them they are on the right "scent" trail to the information they seek.

Once locating a topic of interest, then the visitor will read. If not interested, they can proceed with confidence along their path they seek.

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